Franklin Lopez is in Buffalo this Friday

    One day, about five years ago, I was clicking around the web looking for
something and I found something else.  Without really trying to I found myself watching
the film, Join the Resistance: Fall in Love by Franklin Lopez.  It's probably not
work safe, but it was extremely inspiring.


    So I subsribed to his YouTube channel and that led me to checking in on his
website fairly regularly.  Over the course of the next several years I found a lot of
my ideas being heavily influenced by the film clips that he was churning out. In 2009 I
recorded a CD and asked him if he would mind me using his voice on it. I asked my neighbor
Roxanne to record a vocal piece for it also.  And I also asked my friend Leslie
James Pickering, who's activism I have a deep and abiding respect for, to record a piece
for my CD as well.

  At the tail end of last year I read a post from Franklin Lopez that he was giving
up his appartment, buying a van, and touring around North America to promote his new movie
END:CIV which is based on the books ENDGAME I and II by Derrick Jensen. I suggested that
he should come through Buffalo and invited my neighbor Roxanne to help organize it and
my friend Leslie James Pickering to do a brief presentation. Roxanne has found the perfect
location for it at the Adam Mickiewicz Library, and a few weeks ago Franklin Lopez stopped
here in Buffalo and did an interview with Roxanne that turned out really great.


I highly, highly --and even more highly-- recommend folks stop by the Polish Library this
Friday to see Franklin Lopez present END:CIV in person.  And please help get the word
out between now and then.

we would love to see you there,

-Alex Mead


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