Photojournal: The Journey to Work

Photojournal: The Journey to Work

(this news item posted on March.01.2006)

This is the scene outside my front door.

At the foot of the stairs is my trusty bike that has transported me more'n a thousand miles in the last couple years. It was a really good gift from a really good friend JimW.

A block away is the High School that I attended 18 to 22 years ago.

A couple miles toward work and I pass this play area for a day care center. The children don't get to play on grass, but at least they have colored the artificial surface green for them, to sort of almost remind them of grass. There is a busy highway that runs behind the playground so that their developing little lungs can get the monoxide that they need. Also there is a busy street that might as well be a highway that I ride my bike on to ensure that they get car exhaust from both directions. Plus there's a boat shop attached to the day care center for bonus random chemicals.

About a half mile later I get to ride along the mighty Niagara River. In previous years the river used to freeze over in the winter. But that hasn't happened for the last few years.

This sprawling industrial fascility is where I work. We cook rubber and mold it into tires and then I throw them into big trucks.

Before I started throwing tires I used to work as a security guard in a little tiny shack (pictured here). A very nice little 8 by 8 cell where I would do 8 hours of time at a time for 8 dollars an hour.

An okay job for a while, but I'm glad not to be doing that any more.

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justwhen aka rachel said...

Alex, I say to you what I say to all sister & brother pedallers: I salute you, cyclist!

I loved this photojournal. Thanks!

Right now I'm worried to death about you cycling in the Buffalo wintertime...hope you're okay, I was just hearing how dangerously cold it is there.