(this news item posted on February.13.2007)

February 13th - in February of 1994 I became a vegetarian. Took my last intentional bite of animal pieces. It might not actually be the 13th, that was just a day I picked out of the air. I spent years being a vegetarian not sure of when it started. Years later when I became curious about when it started I found an old AMProGram newsletter that told me which month and year I started. Could have been any day between the 1st and 21st of Feb. 13th just kinda felt right, so that's been the day for me to feel it every year. Hasn't killed me yet, and I have to believe the animals in the interconnected web of life are okay with it.

Dec 29th - 2004 was the day I became UU. (speaking of the interconnected web and all).

Jan 1st - 2004 was the day I announced my intention to become polyamorous. Pretty clear on that date. T'was the wee hours of the morning after Heather and I tried to break up. It doesn't feel like it's even been one year let alone three. What they say about the flying and the fun I guess.

June - 1999 was when we gave our car to Jerry. I think. Not so clear on that date. It has been roughly 8 years of year round biking/walking for me. I wonder if Jerry still has access the exact date.

Feb 25 of 2005. That was the day Relations: McEmpire was born. My book is gonna be two years old in a couple weeks. Wow.

August 21st of 1991. That was the day I got a P.O. Box and started a software company. Seems like a lifetime ago.

I like dates and times and marking another year off the calendar. Having a sense of accomplishment for feeling right with the universe or even just right with yourself for yet another year.

Good stuff. I recommend it.

Peace & Love,


justwhen aka rachel said...

Dear Alex, reading this made me so happy for you. What a good sign, that you're enjoying anniversaries like this! For me, things that remind me of the passage of time (such as H.'s annual holiday office party, the mere thought of school reunions, and so on) have usually brought up depressing reflections about all that I haven't accomplished. But that's the past. I hope to enjoy upcoming anniversaries more, as you do, now that I'm getting out of some of my ruts.

Big hug to you,

justwhen aka rachel said...

Oops, that was supposed to say:

Big hug to you. [Period! :)]

AMPro said...

Thanks for the eHug. And thanks for taking an interest in my writing beyond my Blogging. I think(hope) you'll really enjoy it.