New Band & New Website

New Band & New Website...

(this news item posted on April.05.2007)

So, the band isn't totally new. I blogged about them before. But, what's new is that the Bloodthirsty Vegans and I (MyRapNameIsAlex) performed out. We performed at the UU church of Buffalo and we totally rocked the house.

click here to listen (click on the yellow links when you get there)

Pictured to the right are the following bloodthirsty vegans (left to right): Mike, Kilissa, Duh, Paul and Greg. Not pictured are Roland and Kush. Click link #1 on that page to hear Kush beatbox with the band.

And, speaking of that page, the website's not exactly new either, but I've recently put a lot more content on it, so if you haven't already, have a look around:


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