Magic Meeting

Magic Meeting...

(this news item posted on May.28.2007)

Yep. Life is still going great.

I have been involved with a LOT of groups over the last five years, and I have attended a LOT of meetings. I have come to really detest meetings. My eyes glaze over and I have to send my mind to a happy place and sometimes have to do all kinds of mental gymnastics to manage my anger as all kinds of time gets absorbed into arguments about irrelevant things or some person, starved for attention, holds everyone's attention hostage telling everyone all about their life, usually while trying to convince everyone that their going to reveal how it's related to the meeting in a minute. Yeah, that's how meetings usually go for me.

Until now.

The Art Activists of Buffalo Collaborative Community had its first meeting since Eddie and Christina arrived. We ended up putting three items on the agenda because that was what was needed. We did not draw out any one agenda item and beat it to death, but then nor did we leave any agenda item before everyone was really finished talking about it. We all managed to come to consensus about everything after some occasionally intense disagreements. Most of all though, everybody's gifts and talents were needed and offered before the meeting was through and everyone seemed to have gained a real appreciation for everyone else by the time our first house meeting was through.

This past week we've been saying the AABCC is alike a super hero team. It really is. Four very different people with four very different sets of skills and four different belief systems all coming together around the idea that there is a better way to live and a desire to discover it together.

Yep. Life is still going great.

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