Hey, hey, hey.  Welcome back to my Blog.  Sorry it's been so long; life's been happening to me... a lot. 

So, anyhue, this is the digital diary where I write about my interests.  And I have a new interest. 


There's something about "starving" and "artist" that just goes together.  A couple months ago I lost my job.  But my ex-boss told me to wait a month and see if we got called back to work.  So I waited a month.  Growing poorer by the day.  But while I waited, I explored a desire of mine that I've had for ages.  Ever since I was little I've felt like I could draw.  And back when I published a comic magazine for three years I felt like I could color on the computer fairly well.  But I always wished I could paint.  Like really paint.

I tried taking a painting course in college.  I had to withdraw so that I didn't flunk.  I've gone to the web forums at forums.sijun.com/ for almost 10 years and just lurked around and stared in awe at the things people there can paint.  But I've always felt rather hopeless when it comes to painting on my own.  Well, no longer.  This painting I've posted here, "Fatimah", is one of my latest.  Not bad for only being two months in on this new endeavor.  I'll post more on the specifics of how I got into painting next time.  For now I just wanted to show some work.

Peace & Love,

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