Space Suit

Space Suit by Alex MeadSpace Suit

I was over to my neighbor's house (Radio Roxanne) and we were working on computer stuff, and she asked me if I had ever heard of a Wacom drawing tablet --it's a pad and pen that you can use as a pointing device (like a mouse but way different). I told her that I had one collecting dust at my house. My mother got it as a birthday gift for me at least ten years ago. I told her that I really couldn't make heads or tails of the thing.

So next she tells me that her friend Stephanie McMillan, creator of the comic strip "Minimum Security", had a similar experience (had a drawing tablet sitting around collecting dust) but had decided to give it another try and now found she could draw her comic strip much faster.

So I got home and decided to give it another go. I draw a few really aweful sketches with the thing and was just as frustrated as ever. Then I hunted around the internet for a bit and found a few tutorials and then things started to improve and a few attempts later I had come up with this picture here. Space Suit. Which I really like. One of my first "successes" with the thing. Best of all, it's like one last gift from my mother.

Yay team!

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