Book... boook... booook... GOOSE!

Alright. So I've been enjoying some not-quite-so-stressful time. Been spending time with really good friends, including ones I haven't seen in quite a while. Been selling quite a few books (which is a good thing because I ordered a lot for my book reading and so I have a lot left over still). Been working on getting the websites I've designed back up to their potential.

Oh, yeah. And one other thing...

Been workin on A NEW BOOK!

Yeah. Still think of the current book as my new book, but actually Anna Walsh and I are very close to having a NEW new book. Called The Poetry of Anna Walsh and Alex Mead: Invisible Fire. I have been reading it a LOT as I've been working on it and I have to say I am just all kinds of proud of us. Our stuff is awesome.

It will be nice to have a less intimidating book to sell. People look at the thickness of my novel and think of how busy they are and shy away. Our little poetry book will be nice, thin, inviting, POWERFUL.

Can't wait!

be Peace,

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