All night source code sessions

All night source code sessions

(this news item posted on June.02.2005)

Well, I was right. This week had no choice but to get better. This has been a pretty good week. Performing at MAP Open Mic was pretty fun. Community dinners have had really cool people to talk to this week. Work hasn't even been so bad lately. But the best news of all has been...


Well, what can I say? I'm a programmer. Or at least that what that college degree things says. I haven't had a really good programming week or constructed anything particularly compicated since... since... I guess the last one would be when I wrote the Shared Calendar Project software. And that wasn't quite as complex as what I've been writing.

For the last week (when I haven't been asleep from being really ill) I have been burried in source code and programming manuals. I've been furiously scrawling notes on papers and humming to myself while I've tackled complex logic problems. The end result is that I have finally engineered the software that will help many of the local non-profits and social justice organizations to update their own websites. The software that in some cases I promissed them one and two years ago. The software that I started writing as soon as I was done writing the shared calendar project and which has, in all honesty, been at the top of my priority list that whole time --Hey, can I help it if I'm kinda flighty and scattered and sometimes I have to drop everything and write a couple books or organize stuff or join roving bands of performance poets? I mean there are a bajillion things that we have to do to fight the power and I find that I usually have to do all of them.

But I digress. Or if I haven't digressed, I'm sure I meant to at some point. Okay, so I was talking about the fact that I'm finally finishing. I had promissed the directory of the WNY Peace Center that it was all but done (yet again) more than a month ago. And it was. And I got clobbered with sidetrackitis again. But finally I had some software ready to roll yesterday. So I got really excited. And called him. And he's out of town doing some peace stuff or something. D'oh! But PaxChristiWNY and a few others are having it rolled out to them this morning.

So, trust me, this is very exciting software. I can't show it to you or you'd be able to change everybody's websites. But the even better news is that so much of this code can be dropped directly into so many of the other programs I need to write. Like how about that upgrade of BBS software that I've been promissing on 716BBS.com for four years for example? So, yeah, lots of my websites are about to get a lot better. And I'm enjoying being a programmer again for a while.

be Peace,

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