Almost Famous

Yeah. So. I'm not a celebrity or anything. But I find it nice being "kind of" known.

I went on the radio last week to promote my new book that's coming out. And in order to make going on the radio easier, I always manage to convince myself that no one at all is listening. It always genuinely surprises me when someone says "I heard you on the radio." My initial internal reaction is always "But I thought no one was listening."

Then yesterday I went to go help Judy Einach collect petition signatures at the Thursday in the Square free-concert series that happens here in Buffalo. I wasn't doing a very good job of it and suddenly Maria Sebastian, a friend of mine from high school, was taking the stage and playing. I've seen her in concert a few times and she rocks so I stopped and went up front and watched. I went over to the merch table to get a copy of her CD single and while I was there, three adorable little girls ran up to me and asked if I was the guy that did that thing at Ralph Nader.

That was so cool. I am indeed the guy that did the thing at the Ralph Nader thing. And they told me that they thought it was really good. So that was my almost famous moment of the day, and that caught me completely off guard also.

be Peace,

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justwhen aka rachel said...

...and asked if I was the guy that did that thing at Ralph Nader.

And I'm sitting here, trying to figure out if I've seen you from somewhere before!! I thought it might have been on one of FSTV shows* ("Truth, Peace & Hip Hop" episode of Put Out the Word??), but I just checked & didn't see you on that. Hmm...your name & face seem so familiar, though! Maybe it's simply deja vu.

[*which I used to record via our TV onto VHS tape & submit for the local public access channel. This PA project was my little contribution to media activism for a year or so, 2004-05...then I kinda burned out...]