(this news item posted on July.30.2005)

  In a little while I will put on the polyester suit one last time. Ride my bike 6 miles to work one last time. Work one last shift with my buddy Richard. And then I will be a security guard no more.

  Feels very liberating. At the same time, I have no assurances that I have a job when I get back from Opus. Scary enough.

  I thought Richard and I were working together last night but instead my friend/boss traded shifts with him and so we probably won't get as close to the end of my autobniography (which we're reading together) as I thought. We'll just do what we can I guess.

  And then... on monday I get to head toward Opus. I get to see HeatherK for the first time in a bazillion years (my own fault, really) and the whole Opus family. I can't even imagine what kind of wonderful things are going to happen this year, but it's fun to try.

  And here, on the home front... the most amazing things of all are happening. HeatherM (birdie) has come to visit and see about joining our Art Community. In the short time she's been here this house has changed so much. She has made this place --really the interactions between the humans (and kitties) in this place-- a thousand times better. We actually talk now. Do things together. She has brought us way out of her shell, not through any conscious action perhaps, but her presense has been very transforming.

  Tomorrow may be the day where we bring the Art Activists of Buffalo Community Cooperative into existance... no longer just an idea... suddenly a location, entity, feeling, presense.

  It is an exciting time to be alive here in this place. Here, there is limitless potential.

  Art like your life depends on it.

  be back in three weeks (or so)

be love,

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