Can't Stop the Bumrush!

(this news item posted on May.05.2005)

Finally: Out from behind them damn glasses

Took me about 6 months of saving up, but I finally got some new contact lenses. Really nice to be able to see people again. And things. Yeah. Havin fun looking at people and things now that I can see.

McEmpire eBook

My latest Novel is now available as an online book! Click the PayPal button that's half way down this page and join the paperless society. Read my book for just $9.00 online.

More Performing

I spoke too soon about being done with performing for a while. Check the Calendar if you're here in Western New York. I'll be doing some fun stuff in the days ahead.

Oh! And that reminds me... Talking Leaves Books on main street is going to be having an in-store event featuring ME on June 9th at 7pm. I feel so authorly now. Talking Leaves' Main Street location also has copies of the new version of the book. The latest edition of McEmpire has larger type so it won't give you eye strain. Each copy of the book in your local book store is signed and numbered (and if you wanna know a secret, Rust Belt Books has some copies with some REALLY low numbers, sure to be a collectors item some day since they were the first to start selling it).

Mass Ave

The Mass Ave Project open mic was all kinds of fun last night. We're still trying to find that balance. April had too many performers and not enough audience and I felt like I barely got a chance to perform. This month there was lots of audience and not many performers so I ended up performing too much. We're gonna get it together. First wednesdays' open mics at Mass Ave are not to be missed. Start making plans now for June.

And at the Mass Ave Co-op community dinner tonight I got a lot of basketball in. I feel like I am in really good shape. Running around is fun. Aside from all the poverty, and not getting to see Heather much, life is really good I must say.

be Peace,

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