Run Judy! Run!

(this news item posted on May.02.2005)

Let me start off by saying congratulations to my friend Judy Einach who is running for mayor here in Buffalo, New York. The media likes to minimize and marginalize her candidacy, but Channel 7 news and WKBW radio both included her name in their web polls last Friday, and --Surprise! Surprise!-- Judy won both polls. In honor of our exciting poll results, I've added a Judy4Mayor button here on the AMProSoft website.

Last Thursday, me and ice9 performed at something called Poets Against Discrimination. I was breathing a sigh of relief and thinking that I don't have any performances lined up for quite a while, but actually, looking at the AMPro calendar, I see that I have another performance coming up in a couple fridays. Not to mention that the MAP Open Mic is a couple days away.

A new version of my new novel Relations: McEmpire just came out. It's available online by clicking the link and it's available here locally at Talking Leaves books on Main Street. AND...speaking of which... I have an in store book reading event coming up at Talking Leaves on Main Street on June 9th, 2005. AND, I hope to have copies of my previous book, How to Care About Humans, available on paper for the first time at that event. (Thus far it's only been available as an online book.)

be Peace,

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