Upcoming Appearances...

and other difficult-to-spell words.

(this news item posted on May.16.2005)

So I had someone tell me that I was frustrating them by only posting about events that were over with. So, by popular (well not really "popular" per se, but let's pretend) demand, here are some upcomming events -- Before they happen even! If you're in Western New York, mark these in your day planner.:

On Friday May 20th, the Buffalo War Resisters' League will be celebrating the national shut down of recruiting stations for ethics training. Here in Buffalo there will be a celebration from 4 to 6pm and yours truly will be rappin and doing my thing.

On Saturday, May 21st, I will forego sleep entirely in order to make it to the Malcolm X dance part for Hip Hop week. There will be awesome DJ Mark Webb spinning tunes, there will be live recordings of Malcolm X playing all through the night, and you'll want to show up on time because I will be break dancing for the cause before heading off to work that night. See the calendar for more details (time & location)

And don't forget that early next month I have an in-store book event at Talking Leaves Main Street for Relations: McEmpire. That's on June 9th and should be a great time.

Okay. So I'm already really tired and now it's time for me to go to work. Such is life.

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justwhen aka rachel said...

national shut down of recruiting stations

Yay. I've been working in my own area on countering recruitment activity, bringing nonmilitary options to youth. Not much success...sigh...it can be discouraging...